Williamsburg on Youtube

I was downloading video on Youtube and decide to search keyword “Williamsburg, NY” while killing time and here’s a sample of what I found.  I knew people like to use the term “Hipster” when talking about Williamsburg but I was a little surprised how widely the term was used.

I also took a little time to read some of the (sometimes sad or funny) comments and found there’s a lot of hate filled people that spend their time spewing their rage in the comment sections.  Anyway, I pulled a variety of videos that I found interesting, for one reason or another.

Hipster Olympics

THE NEIGHBORHOOD – short documentary on Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NYC) – by Qamile Sterna

Only in Williamsburg Brooklyn by xcannedx on Jul 23, 2010

Williamsburg, NY

Williamsburg Hipsters on Bedford Avenue

Hipsters in Williamsburg and the Death of New York City pt.2